Our information has been organised into two columns - one for each location. Click on the wiki entry of your choice and you will be taken to a wiki article that summarises that topic, shows you some relevant images and gives some other web links for further information. Feel free to add feedback to our students via the Discussion tab. Remember that the primary sources of information for this wiki have been the students themselves. There will be inaccuracies, some spelling and punctuation errors and lots of revision going on. We are not trying to build a definitive resource but a useful guide that compares our two unique locations in the world. Enjoy Spin The Globe!

Alaskan Sports
South Australian Sports
Alaskan Kids' Sports
South Australian Kids' Sports
Alaskan Accomodation
South Australian Accomodation
Alaskan Transport
South Australian Transport
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South Australian Money
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Alaskan What School Is Like
South Australian What School Is Like
Alaskan Nationalities
South Australian Wildlife
Alaskan Wildlife
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