We are a group of 23 sixth-graders in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our teacher asked us to each make a list of 20 things we know about Australia. We think we averaged about 14 or 15 things each. We think that we've learned a lot about Australia from watching television. These are the things we came up with:


Closer to penguins than Alaska

get a lot of rain
fig trees
closest landmass to the S. Pole
They eat kangaroos...(Eeew!)
gum trees
big spiders

no snow

seasons are opposite from Alaska
sunny beaches
drive on left side of the road

it is hot

they have kangaroos

poisonous snakes

koala bears


komodo dragons
They speak English with a different accent than ours.
It is a country AND a continent
biggest island in the world

national flower: golden wattles
have a famous zoo

Steve Irwin killed by a stingray

tasmanian devils
Outback and Great Barrier Reef