What are mutual topics that we could explore using this Wiki?

What would you need to know if you moved to the other side of the globe?

Are things the same or different?

This page will list some of the ideas for exploration from both classes. Feel free to add in your ideas.

What school is like (what lanuguages are learnt, year levels and grades, school clothing, assemblies and school events, singing the national anthem, age groups for grades, types of schools, school rules, subjects, technology)
Weather (defining cold and hot, extreme weather effects, water restrictions, recycling)
Sports (popular sports, facilities, grounds and courts)
Kids sports(popular kids sports, uncompetitive sports)
Transport (road rules, cars, public transport)
Entertainment (music,TV shows, video games, parties, special occasions - what for, books, celebrities, large shopping complexes, what's in your shops)
Calendar (holidays, vacation time, school dates)
Nationality (cultural backgrounds, weddings, celebrations, accents, sayings and expressions, spelling of common words, local words)
Food (popular foods and drinks, meals, takeaway or junk food, fruit and vegetables, diets and weight loss programs, supermarkets)
Money (cost of living, cost of housing, currency)
Facts (population, famous places, laws)
Accommodation (housing, heating and cooling, hotels)
Charities (helping out,fundraising)