What do houses look like in Alaska?
-They have garages and are two storys high
How many rooms in an average house?

What is the size for most houses?

What is the biggest hotel?

What are the most popular hotels?

Are there any villages in Alaska?

-No there is no villages in Alaska it is all cities.
Are you sure about this? We did some research on the internet and found quite a few websites that featured Alaskan villages. For example, this website shows photography from Alaskan towns and villages. We also found this list which says that a village has less than 1,000 residents. Are we right?
What type of heating/cooling brands do you have in Alaska?

Why don't you have many websites for accommodation on your Delicious page?

What is a popular suburb in Alaska?

Do you put your cars in garages if you have any?

Yes we pretty much do some people do and some people don't.
Do some people live in igloos?
NO if we did than it would only be in the winter
igloo is a place you go.

How big about is the size of houses in Australia?
We added some photos to answer your question so you can see sizes of houses.